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Todays rustic table lamps article.

Complete your wall decor with Decorative Plates by Johann Erickson

http://www.onlinediscountmart.com/decorative-plates.html>Decorative plates are often overlooked when decorating a home. Yet, it's the details that really make the elements of a room come togetheróand decorative plates are a detail present in most rooms. While there are decorative plates that are solely functional in purpose, most have the potential to add to the ambiance of a room. Think about the following wall plate options:

  1. Cover your decorative plates in wallpaper that matches your wall for an understated elegance. You can also use this method to hide outlets on walls that display art.
  2. Wood decorative plates are perfect for a room with a country or colonial flair.
  3. Metal decorative plates come in a variety of textures and materials. Metal wall plates enhance contemporary, Victorian, and rustic decor.
  4. Porcelain decorative plates complement shabby chic, bathrooms, and some Victorian design.
  5. Mirror decorative plates can be used on http://www.onlinediscountmart.com/mirrors1.html>mirrors, mirrored walls, or even as an eclectic detail in a uniquely decorated room.

Match your decorative plates with cabinets, doorknobs, and furniture hardware. With the wide variety available, you can also tailor them to http://www.onlinediscountmart.com/table-lamps.html>table lamps and other light fixtures. Since wall plates come in all shapes and sizes, you can match them to the curves of your furniture placement. Matching will cleverly enhance featured pieces in a room without distracting from their appeal.

In addition to decorative plate style, you may want to consider changing the switch itself. Dimmer switches are available as dials, slides, touch pads, and combinations of each. The ability to adjust lighting in each room of your home provides you a way to highlight specific room features or set the appropriate mood.

Decorative plates, often taken for granted, are a versatile design element. They can be romantic, sophisticated, sleek, or fun. First decide what you need your decorative plate to do for a room, and then shop for it as seriously as you would shop for furniture, wall coverings, or carpet.

About the Author

Johann Erickson is the owner of http://www.onlinediscountmart.com>Online Discount Mart Please include an active link to our site if you'd like to reprint this article.


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